Charts required a browser supporting html5 canvas
   - Timing Charts
   - Detailed Stats

Timing Charts

Timing Chart
For each thread, timing chart display the functions calls according to time.

Subfunctions are displayed inside their caller rect with smaller rect.

By moving mouse over the call, you will get a part of the detailed information.
For IE9 (or newer) users, clicking a call rect will make you jump to the log inside WinApiOverride. Using this you can access more information like call stack or registers.

Use the mouse wheel to zoom and unzoom, click on + and - to increase / decrease canvas size

Detailed Stats

Detailed Stats
Detailed stats are the detailes statistics for a single function.

They begin with a timing chart using different color for each caller.

Next you get information like calls per thread percent, callers addresses, returns values, duration and success percent for each thread