Debug Infos Viewer

Debug Infos Viewer parse the Microsoft debug information of a software and allows (if .pdb associated to the software exists)
- to quickly display functions information (Virtual Address, Relative Virtual Address,calling convention, parameters information...)
- to generate a WinApiOverride monitoring file for internal functions of modules (exe,dll,ocx) according to selected functions.
- to generate WinApiOverride user types files.
- to show functions generated asm code
- to find functions from their Virtual Address or Relative Virtual Address

This software allows you to quickly find the source of exception without a debugger (if you have pdb files):
When an exception occurs (in debug or release mode),
1) Get the exception address.
2) Open associated module (exe or dll) with Debug Info Viewer
Notice: associated module is the module that contains the exception address (you can use dumper to see modules address space)
3) Do a search "By Virtual Address (VA)" with the exception address. The search result is the function throwing the error.
4) Click the "Show Function Asm" button   and locate the exception address in opcodes address.
Once you locate it, just take a look at the previous upper code line : bug is inside

Notice: this tip doesn't apply to jitted softwares like .NET


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Export information to a .html, xml or .txt file
Expand treeview
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Select functions specific to project
Select all functions
Unselect all functions
Display asm mixed mode (mixed mode between asm and source file) for selected function
Generate a monitoring file for WinApiOverride according to functions selected and generate user types files associated to this software
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Show ASM

The Show Function ASM button display asm code with associated source code.