.NET Interaction

This window provide some information and allow some actions on functions (jitted functions only).
   - Name : .Net method name
   - Token : .Net assembly token value
   - Module Name : assembly module name
   - Asm Start : Start address of generated native asm code (not the intermedialte language (IL) code)
   - Asm Len : Length of generated native asm code
   - Hooked : flag to know if function is currently hooked or not
   - Module Path : assembly module full path

Refresh list of jitted functions
Display generated native asm code for the selected function
Hook selected functions (like .Net auto hooking you don't have to specify any thing. Net autohooking option doesn't need to be enable)
Unhook selected functions

.Net native asm code
Notice : The first call and the last call shown in .Net disassembly window don't belong to your original code.
These are function calls automatically added by the .Net core profiler used for hooking.
They are in fact the FunctionEnter and FunctionLeave callbacks set by the core profiler when COR_PRF_MONITOR_ENTERLEAVE flag is set.