Search Dialog
The search dialog allows you to quickly find some logs.

The rules are the following :
   - Only not empty fields are taken into account
   - "Function Name", "Module Name" and "Calling Module Name" fields support the "*" and "?" jokers (for multiple and single char)
   - "Min Start Time" and "Max Start Time" can be set together or not. Value must be with the "hh:mm:ss:mmm" format.

The "Find" button find the first item matching in list
The "Find Next" button find the next item in list from the current selected one.
The "Find Previous " button find the previous item in list from the current selected one.
The "Highlight All" select all matching item in the list. This can be used to remove or export selected items next.

The detailed view of main window is automatically updated when an item is found.

The "All parameters must match" specify if each parameter condition must match or only one is necessary.

To Add or Edit a parameter, use the Wizard. It will provide easy way to define the type of parameter or it's content

Parameter Wizard

As you generally work with little endian computer take care of BYTE order for struct and pointed value parameters

Multiple instances of this dialog can be launched