Sequences Auto Detection

Sequence auto detection will try to find sequences into your log results.

As each algorithm loop is repeated once or more, WinApiOverride tries to find loops and detect sequences (aka loops content)

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Sequences Auto Detection settings

As loops content (repetition and functions number) may vary a lot between softwares, you have to specify some settings, to avoid to get too much or too few results.
This configuration should be manually adjusted for each software according to the number of results.

First you have to select the minimum number of functions per sequence and the minimum sequence repetition count.

Cross threaded and cross processes search

The cross threaded and cross processes options allow to detect multi threaded sequences and multi processes sequence if required

If these options are not checked, no cross search is done.

Notice: into all the following examples, for clarity,
               - letter upper case will represent a function call (use of "A" for "function A")
               - (th1) means called inside thread 1

For example, for the following log session

A(th1) B(th1) C(th2) D(th2) E(th2) F(th1)     A(th1) B(th1) C(th2) D(th2) E(th2) F(th1)     A(th1) B(th1) C(th2) D(th2) E(th2) F(th1)

we can detect :
    1) for non cross threaded sequences
         - 3 repetitions of the ABF sequence inside thread 1
         - 3 repetitions of the CDE sequence inside thread 2

    2) for cross threaded sequences:
         - 3 repetitions of the ABCDEF sequence

Favor option

The favor options will favor sequence size or sequence repetition count.

The best to explain this is an example. By the way, for the following call list:


"favor sequence length" will produce 3 repetitions of ABCDEF sequence while "favor repetition count" will produce 5 repetitions of ABCD sequence


For each sequence result, information provided is the following:

  1) Global information
         - Repetition count : number of time the sequence has been found
         - Number of steps : a step can contain one or more identical function calls. The number of identical functions calls per each step is in the first column of the content section.
         - Number of calls : number of functions calls
         - Medium duration of the sequence
         - Duration standard deviation of the sequence

  2) Content : The list of different steps composed by
         - Number of identical functions calls
         - Function name
         - Module name

  3) Found at : The different locations where the sequence has been found.
      For each location you get
         - Start Time
         - Duration
         - the list of all the logs for the instance of sequence
Sequences Auto Detection results

Quick Jump to Logs

In the result window, when clicking on "Show" for the "Found at" field, the content of each sequence is displayed, with start time, duration and the list of all the logs for the instance of sequence.
When displayed inside WinApiOverride, a single click to the "Jump To" image will bring you to the first log of the selected sequence instance inside the WinApiOverride main view.
Sequences Auto Detection results: Directly jump to the begin of found sequences