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Screenshot A lot of softwares give you some important informations or results in Listview or other controls,
but the trouble is developpers don't gave us a way to save these results.
This application tries to fill this lack.
You can grab other processes controls content: Listview, Listbox, Combobox, Password fields, Static and of course Edit fields.
It can work with all applications based on windows API, that means c++ (Visual or Borland), c# and VB apps;
but it won't work with java applications.
Last Update  April 8 2011
Version  1.3
Download Software  Download Control Content Saver (32 + 64 bit) 298 Kb
Source Code
Download Source Code  Sources v1.3 239 Kb
Compatibility  Windows (Xp, 7, 8, 10, 11)
License  Freeware under GPL license
Language  C++
 Maintained / Improvements if required Improvement Request 
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Notice : you need the both executables (32+64 bit) to be able to grab content of 32 and 64 bit applications.
You can launch anyone of the exe, to grab 64 or 32 bit content (exe will call each other for cross compatibility if needed)

   - User Interface
   - Command Line Syntax

User Interface
Main window
Main window
First Drag the cross image on the control you want to select.
The control type will be automatically detected.

If control contains text, Control Content Saver will try to directly copy content into clipboard.
In case of success, a MessageBox containing the begin of text will appears, saying data are copied inside clipboard
Successfull Data Retreival
Successfull Data Retreival
If the application fails to retreive data, the following message will appear
Data Retreival Error
Data Retreival Error

For password fields, if you have deceided to show password, the following MessageBox will ask you if you want to hide it again
After Password Showing
After Password Showing

For ListBoxes, ListView or ComboBox, you will be asked to choose a file for saving control content.
Save can be done in HTML, XML or TXT format.

After a successful saving, you will be asked if you want see results
Do you want to see results now ?
Do you want to see results now ?

Example of an html explorer report view
NomTaille TypeDate de modification
resource Dossier de fichiers16/04/2007 15:45
About.cpp4 KoC++ Source19/04/2006 12:02
About.h3 KoC/C++ Header19/04/2006 13:20
ControlContentSaver.rc9 KoResource Script09/06/2007 17:03
ControlContentSaver.sln2 KoMicrosoft Visual Studio Solution19/04/2006 13:47
ControlContentSaver.vcproj10 KoVC++ Project08/06/2007 15:00
gpl.txt18 KoDocument texte03/02/2005 15:16
main.cpp24 KoC++ Source09/06/2007 00:07
RemoteCtrlContentSaver.cpp69 KoC++ Source09/06/2007 15:34
RemoteCtrlContentSaver.h5 KoC/C++ Header09/06/2007 15:41
resource.h2 KoC/C++ Header09/06/2007 00:07
XMLLikeConvert.cpp5 KoC++ Source02/04/2007 17:50
XMLLikeConvert.h2 KoC/C++ Header19/04/2006 13:21

Example of an txt export for an explorer treeview with "Save Only Expanded" option
	Poste de travail
		WinXP (C:)
			Documents and Settings
			Program Files
			System Volume Information

		Lecteur CD (F:)
		Lecteur CD-RW (G:)
		TMP (T:)
		Panneau de configuration
		My Sharing Folders

	Favoris reseau

Command Line Syntax

Command line syntax allow to save content without a dialog window.
No dialog will appear and application will stop as soon as the requested operation has been completed.
Application return 0 in case of success, -1 in case of error.

Options :
   Hwnd : Handle of the target window, in decimal or hexadecimal
   File : Output file name. According to its extension, saving will be done in html, xml, or txt (default if unknown extension).
   OnlySelected Optional : Save only selected item. Available only for ListView, TListView and ListBox, TreeView.
   OnlyColumns Optional : Allow to specify column number to save for ListView and TListView.
   OnlyExpanded Optional : Allow to save only expanded items of TreeView.
   ShowPwd Optional : Show password field without copying it to clipboard or saving it.
   CopyPwd Optional : Copy password to clipboard.
   SavePwd Optional : Save password into the specified saving file name.

Example :
For a static/text/password : Hwnd=0x000D069A File="c:\out.txt"
For a ListBox : Hwnd=0x000D069A File="c:\out.html" OnlySelected
For a TreeView : Hwnd=0x000D069A File="c:\out.html" OnlyExpanded
For a ListView : Hwnd=0x000D069A File="c:\out.xml" OnlySelected OnlyColumns=1;3-9

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