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Screenshot Show modem download and upload rate in status bar and/or in a floating window.
Usefull if you have home network and want to know the remaining bandwith.
Initially done for Alcatel Speed Touch ethernet modems (Home, Pro, 510v3, 510v4, and 530).
Tested on Thomson-TG587n too.
Should work for any modem / computer replying to an "ip iflist" command on telnet.
Last Update  November 27 2011
Version  1.0.5
Download Software  Download Speed Touch Speed Monitor 192 Kb
Source Code
Download Source Code  Sources v1.0.5 540 Kb
Compatibility  Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Seven, .Net Framework 1.1
License  Freeware under GPL license
Language  C#
 Maintained / Improvements if required Improvement Request 
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The chart graph showing download and upload speed is displayed at application startup.
Speed monitor window
Speed monitor window

To change options, right click the notify icon, and then click the option menu.
In the option window, you can change SpeedTouch access setting (ip, port, user and pass), and choose interfaces you want to monitor. If you have change interfaces names, just click the "Update" button after having filled modem access properties (ip, port, user and pass). The interface list will be updated, and you will be able to select the interface you want.
The graph options allow to modify monitoring window aspect (colors, transparency, graph type ...).
You can specify the refresh rate too. Default refresh rate is 5 secondes.
Connection max speed is used for tray icon only to make best ratio for rendering percent of used bandwith.
SpeedTouch access settingSpeedTouch access setting

Chart configurationChart configuration

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Report new bug
  - Protocol error for speed touch home (Reported and solved by Giorgio Chessari)
When execute your Speed Touch Speed Monitor I have an error:
Protocol error (timeout occurs)
Host may not be a speedTouch modem

The trouble is the login command is "Username :" for 510v3 and "User :" for speed touch home.
To solve it, just open the "options.xml" file and change "login_cmd" field from "Username :" to "User :".
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