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Version 1.3.4    March 19 2016
  - Bug solved : for menu with .lnk files (shortcuts), if no shortcut arrow option was used, the target icon was used instead of the shortcut icon. Thanks to Kirill Leibov for report

Version 1.3.3    April 16 2015
  - Begin of support for Win 8 and Win 10
  - Bad toolbar size for Browser/Desktop view if aero mode was disabled solved
  - Menus : launched application sometimes showing in background bug solved
  - Menus : bug introduced in 1.3.2 solved (link pointing to parent folder was producing a stack overflow)

Version 1.3.2    February 08 2015
  - Menus : shortcuts arrow overlay can be removed
  - Menus : right click on folders now show windows explorer context menu
  - Menus : bug introduced in 1.3.1 solved when menu were not including subfolders
  - Toolbar mode improvments

Version 1.3.1    December 11 2014
  - Choice between notify icons or launch bar
  - Hot corners for browser (no click required, just dragging the mouse in a screen corner will display it)
  - Multiple folders can be merged into a single menu (like all user start up menu and current user start up menu)
  - Empty folders are automatically hidden for menus view
  - Solved : some shortcuts were not working for menus view

Version 1.2.16    June 12 2014
  - Multiple monitors support for desktop representation. Thanks to JB.Boucher for report and testing

Version 1.2.15    January 12 2014
  - Multiple Folder Menu path checking error resolved (regression since v1.2.12)
  - Brazilian / Portuguese translation added thanks to Enrico Nicoletto
  - Greek translation added thanks to geogeo (www.geogeo.gr)

Version 1.2.14    October 8 2013
  - Skin support added
  - Double click on toolbar background do Maximize / Restore (only for skins with background)
  - Minor bugs solved

Version 1.2.13    June 05 2013
  - bug solved: notify icon not shown sometimes when started at windows startup
  - bug solved: in desktop view, when visible, documents creation or change on desktop can make application crash

Version 1.2.12    April 30 2013
  - Option added : Start Maximized
  - bug solved: in browser view, items position was not properly saved on exit
  - bug solved: in browser view, large / extra large mode were not taken into account
  - bug solved: in desktop view, fast multiple documents creation or change on desktop can make application crash

Version 1.2.11    April 08 2013
  - bug solved: Relative paths get wrong values when launched at window startup

Version 1.2.10    February 25 2013
  - Minor bug solved

Version 1.2.9    January 21 2013
  - Better position refreshing of "Desktop" view icons after changes on real desktop.

Version 1.2.8    October 19 2011
  - bug solved: Bad positionning of "Desktop" view icons if windows use a DirectX wallpaper.

Version 1.2.7    October 08 2011
  - Added a "Show / Hide" hotkey can be used for each folder.
  - Czech translation thanks to Jery.

Version 1.2.6    May 16 2011
  - Solved : 1.2.5 use Vista and Seven api and so was no more compatible with XP.

Version 1.2.5    May 12 2011
  - Solved : configuration was lost sometimes when ending session under Vista and Seven

Version 1.2.4    March 13 2011
  - 64 bits support
  - Solved : Seven automatic AutoArrange bypassed
  - Swedish translation added thanks to Ake Engelbrektson
  - Russian translation update thanks to Valerij Romanovskij

Version 1.2.3    October 19 2010
  - Seven support
  - Content of menus is auto-updated to follow directories changes

Version 1.2.2    January 8 2010
  - Added "Show at software startup" option for explorer mode
  - Added Japanese translation thanks to Asabukuro Dongorosu
  - Added Chinese translation thanks to xbeta (http://xbeta.info)
  - Added Italian translation thanks to Alberto Panzarasa

Version 1.2.1    September 28 2009
  - Bug correction : For Menu or Browser/Desktop with single click option activated, working directory was not correclty set
  - Bug correction : Option dialog appears behind unclosed top most browser windows

Version 1.2    July 20 2009
  - Support of relative path (usefull for USB drives) (thanks to William Rich and Jake Waxman)
  - Z position option (thanks to Jake Waxman)
  - Option to hide toolbar for home folder (allow to look like desktop when maximized) (thanks to Jake Waxman)
  - Browser home folder icons positions saving
  - Shadow for icons in menus

Version 1.1.2    May 11 2009
  - Improvement : better desktop hidden icons handling, better taskbar size handling
  - Bug Correction : when desktop was maximize, icon weren't repositioned on refresh

Version 1.1.1    April 28 2009
  - Added : German translation (Thanks to Andreas Franz Schubach and Kian Tafakori)
  - Bug Correction : accessing a deleted folder, back and forward button state weren't updated

Version 1.1.0    April 10 2009
  - Added : button to open current folder with Windows Explorer
  - Bug Correction : using back or forward button, accessing a deleted folder, cause a deadlock

Version 1.0.1    March 23 2009
  - Bug Correction : Crash could occur for desktop representation when files where added on desktop

Version 1.0    March 15 2009
Initial version.
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