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Version 1.13.0    September 09 2023
  - Added Regular Expression support for Search and Replace operations

Version 1.12.0    April 02 2023
  - Added link keyboard shortcut display
  - Added search in results capabilities

Version 1.11.0    February 28 2023
  - Added command line wizard to generate command line from current user interface options

Version 1.10.0    January 12 2023
  - Added buttons and context menu items for quicker selection and selection invertion

Version 1.9.0    January 18 2021
  - Command line mode resolve and replace troubles solved (Thanks to Sant Talim Kendra Sarangpur for report)

Version 1.8.0    November 15 2020
  - Added command line mode
  - Crash when virtual folder make infinite loop solved (Thanks to Jerome Bressoud for report)

Version 1.7.0    March 24 2019
  - Option to only set args of some specific links
  - Small GUI changes (Custom Folder renamed into Search Folder)

Version 1.6.15    March 19 2016
  - Avoid user incorrect usage by disabling the replace button in case of search or replace content change, to force user to click the Search preview before replace button again

Version 1.6.14    September 10 2015
   - Bad icon display for shortcuts on known document types bug solved (Bug introduced in 1.6.13 version by some optimizations)

Version 1.6.13    June 01 2015
   - Added option to allow to modify / delete read only shortcuts
   - The number of success / failure is displayed in status bar for the different available operations

Version 1.6.12    April 21 2015
   - Allow to do search and replace operations either in full path mode or with directory and file name splitted

Version 1.6.11    December 06 2014
   - Added icon in toolbar for quick inclusion of the common users desktop folder

Version 1.6.10    June 08 2014
   - Added support for jokers '*' and '?' for search only (not for replace operations)

Version 1.6.9    March 31 2014
   - Bug correction : virtual folder full support. Due to virtual folders, the same link could be shown multiple times in the results list (Thanks to Hans Schmidts for Report and testing)

Version 1.6.8    March 16 2014
   - Bug correction : Due to virtual folders, the same link could be shown multiple times in the results list (Thanks to Hans Schmidts for Report)

Version 1.6.7    January 26 2014
   - Bug correction (v1.6.6 affected): by default all columns were hidden, so search result was looking as there was no result

Version 1.6.6    January 17 2014
   - Added options to select which shortcuts fields are affected by search and replace operations
   - Added user confirmation dialog before effective shortcuts deletion
   - Added columns hiding/showing, columns order changing

Version 1.6.5    October 08 2013
   - Bug solved : Replace operation was stopping after first error. From now continue the replacement of other items

Version 1.6.4    June 05 2013
   - Replace preview copy to clipboard latency solved

Version 1.6.3    February 25 2013
   -  Added items found counter

Version 1.6.2    January 21 2013
   - Some memory leaks solved

Version 1.6.1    December 05 2012
   - Bugs correction: error replacing shortcuts for network drives introduced in 1.6.0 solved (Thanks to Gary Thorne Sr for detailed reports)

Version 1.6.0    November 10 2012
   - Bugs correction: replacing shortcuts for unplugged or unreachable network drives change shortcut path into dos format (Thanks to Jennings, Tyler W for detailed reports)

Version 1.5.0    September 18 2012
   - Option for dead links search to exclude network drives or unplugged drives (like usb stick, usb hard drives, dvd)
   - Drag and Drop support added for "Path" edit
   - Bugs corrections for long paths (Thanks to Mark for detailed reports)

Version 1.4.0    September 07 2012
   - "Open Shortcut Location" action added
   - Option to include comments in search and replace actions added
   - Full options saving and restoring
   - Bugs corrections for shortcuts to folders (Thanks to Jerome Bressoud for detailed reports)

Version 1.3.1    July 21 2012
   - Increase of the max supported path length (from 260 to 4096 as some administrators use this software on network drives)

Version 1.3.0    November 08 2011
   - Shortcuts can be deleted after a simple search
   - Support for multiple directory search added: by ";" separator, or from directory list contained in a file ("File:" prefix)

Version 1.2.2    October 20 2010
   - Added toolbar buttons for quick selection/unselection of items to be replaced, resolved or deleted

Version 1.2.1    April 19 2010
   - Added history for search, replace and path fields

Version 1.1.1    February 06 2010
   - Bug correction : shortcut icon was wrong if shortcut doesn't use default icon (thanks to Terry for report)

Version 1.1.0    December 02 2009
   - Added support of environment variables ( %WINDIR%, %HOMEPATH%, %PROGRAMFILES%, ...) (thanks to Terry for report)

Version 1.0.1    October 09 2009
   - Bug correction : target arguments were not replaced (thanks to Pieter van Hijum van Kampenhout for report)

Version 1.0    September 09 2008
Initial version.
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