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Two mains parts are contained in this project.
The gallery part in the main folder, and the image technical information retrival in the PHP_JPEG_Metadata_Toolkit.

In the main folder:
   - config.php is the configuration file
   - index.php is the main page. It contains the global gallery rendering
   - folder.php is the most important file of the gallery. It contains all functions requiered for listing files, getting remote directories, getting links...
   - resize.php called with image path and wanted size is used as the source of IMG html tag for thumbs
   - functions_imgs.inc contains functions used for images (resizing, checking if gd php extension is loaded)
   - functions_authorise.inc contains functions to allow or not requests
   - cookies_like.inc contains functions for data transmission between pages, even between two different galleries without using cookies.
   - functions_std.inc contains standard functions
   - iptc_class.php,iptc_exif_class.php classes used for information retrival (they use the PHP_JPEG_Metadata_Toolkit, an unmodify open source php software that retrive JPEG informations generated by camera's compagny)
   - img_info_viewer.php used for rendering general and technical informations
   - make_all_thumbs.php generate all thumbs. Not required on your web site. This is only in a view to use less server resource (and speed first showing) for the first visit of your gallery as thumbs images are generated at the first show. As php can get a timeout for execution (depending the number of images you have to resize), you may need to make some refresh on the page to create all the thumbs
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