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Version    April 02 2012
  - Added : Main window options saving
  - Added : Option to add delay between multiple ping

Version    March 13 2011
  - Solved : potential error when reconnecting quickly a tcp socket object

Version    March 05 2011
  - Compatibility for Vista / Seven

Version    March 17 2009
  - Added : udp broadcast messages retreival option accessible from GUI

Version    July 08 2008
  - Added : quick way to send file over tcp and udp
  - Bug removed: tcp exceptions can occurs when local port is specified

Version    October 1 2007
  - Bug removed: tcp / udp socket : assume that a data arrival event has been defined before sending this event (avoid first data lost that could occurs in previous versions)

Version    January 30 2007
  - Bug removed: Thread leaks for sockets created with an accept. Thanks to Joerg Mutzbauer to report this bug

Version    October 29 2006
  - Bug removed: Computer local ip refresh button crash application on dns resolution error

Version    June 17 2006
  - whois looping bug removed
  - Bug removed in the tcp_socket class

Version    March 18 2006
  - bug in telnet presentation protocol solved (result of a man command is realy better now)
  - Hexadecimal display saving generates well formed html now (better rendering in firefox and non IE browsers)

Version    January 22 2006
  - Whois improvement (Auto redirection if a new whois server is specified as a reply)
  - Proxy list parsing bug solved for Scan

Version    October 18 2005
  - Interactive bug correction (data not transmited to server until connection establishement)

Version    June 12 2005
  - Stat graph better rendering
  - Small bugs corrections

Version    May 24 2005
  - Stat graphs added
  - Interface improvement
  - Telnet Horizontal tab bug removed
  - Still some bugs corrections

Version 3.0.3    May 9 2005
  - Begin of Telnet protocol implementation
  - Interactive TCP/UDP added
  - Still some bugs corrections

Version    March 6 2005
  - Bug correction for os 95/98/NT/2000 for udp/tcp/ip stats

Version 3.0.2    February 26 2005
  - Tcp Client force local port option restored (lost in 3.01 version)
  - Sending / Receiving hexa data added in user interface for tcp/udp client/server
  - About Tab added for direct link for website and documentation
  - [developpers only] Added Proxy Class in sources (only no auth is supported yet). No sample of use in NetworkStuff project (but in the WeatherNotify project)
  - VS 2002 project no more supported

Version 3.0.1    November 8 2004
  - bugs correction
  - hexa viewer improvement

Version 3.0.0    September 10 2004
Initial version (beta) of Network Stuff. Before 2 releases of easy socket class were made without sample project..
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