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Screenshot Screen Reader reads all elements menus or screen text pointed by the mouse.
This software has been done for people with visual troubles.
It use new microsoft SAPI 5 technologie without agent, and replace the older Agent Screen Reader software
It get a text free window (like the old Simple Reader software), and shortcut to read clipboard content
Last Update  January 17 2015
Version  1.3.2
Download Software  Download Screen Reader 64 bits 101 Kb
Download Software  Download Screen Reader 32 bits 96 Kb
Source Code
Download Source Code  Sources v1.3.2 132 Kb
Compatibility  Windows with SAPI 5 (Xp, 7, 8, 10, 11)
License  Freeware under GPL license
Language  C++
 Maintained / Improvements if required Improvement Request 
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When you launch application, a new icon appears in tray icon.
To access options, just right click on the icon.

You can next select Screen Reader state (enabled/disabled), choose the wanted voice, define shortcuts and read raw data.
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Screen Reader screen reader SAPI 5 read screen read mouse content speak screen speak speaking free freeware open source Screen Reader: read all elements menus or screen objects pointed by mouse