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Basic monitoring steps:
   - Api Monitoring
   - Monitoring Wizard
   - Detailed view
Overriding demo :
   - Change content of API used to get running processes list
Advanced monitoring :
   - Monitor internal functions of an application built in release mode
   - Generate a monitoring file from Debug Infos Viewer
   - Breaking options demo
   - Remote Call demo
   - COM Auto Monitoring
   - COM Interaction : make an Microsoft Agent of a remote process move and speak
.NET monitoring :
   - Speed and insecure hooking
   - .NET interaction : live hooking, unhooking; display generated asm
   - Slow and secure hooking
.NET service monitoring :
   - Monitoring File Builder with .NET
   - .NET service monitoring
   - .NET interaction : display generated asm
Monitoring file creation for an exe to spy windows API : part 1 statically linked dll
Monitoring file creation for an exe to spy windows API : part 2 dynamicaly loaded dll

Monitoring file creation for COM interface, ActiveX and Type library :
Show you how to quickly generate all interface monitoring files for a component.
These files will be next used with COM auto monitoring.

Registry emulation example. Done using WinApiOverride api overriding capabilities.
Project use the "Overriding Dll SDK" and the WinApiOverride library (projects sources are available in winapioverride sources)

Videos made thanks to the Wink freeware
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