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Basic monitoring steps:
   - Api Monitoring
   - Monitoring Wizard
   - Detailed view
Overriding demo :
   - Change content of API used to get running processes list
Advanced monitoring :
   - Monitor internal functions of an application built in release mode
   - Generate a monitoring file from Debug Infos Viewer
   - Breaking options demo
   - Remote Call demo
   - COM Auto Monitoring
   - COM Interaction : make an Microsoft Agent of a remote process move and speak
.NET monitoring :
   - Speed and insecure hooking
   - .NET interaction : live hooking, unhooking; display generated asm
   - Slow and secure hooking
.NET service monitoring :
   - Monitoring File Builder with .NET
   - .NET service monitoring
   - .NET interaction : display generated asm
Monitoring file creation for an exe to spy windows API : part 1 statically linked dll
Monitoring file creation for an exe to spy windows API : part 2 dynamicaly loaded dll

Monitoring file creation for COM interface, ActiveX and Type library :
Show you how to quickly generate all interface monitoring files for a component.
These files will be next used with COM auto monitoring.

DirectX Monitoring:
Enable DirectX specific version to be monitored.
Best options for DirectX monitroing.

DirectX Monitoring Part 2 : filtering
Disable methods or interfaces to reduce number of logs.

Fuzzing C++ object methods Part 1 : Fuzzing a new C++ object
This is the recommanded way to fuzz C++ object methods and avoid to interfer with existing object (and avoid application crash)

Fuzzing C++ object methods Part 2 : Fuzzing existing C++ object
When object constructor needs some information you can't provide.

Videos made thanks to the Wink freeware
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