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Version 2.6.6    November 28 2023
 -  GUID directly editable from basic types
 -  Disasm improvements
 -  PE parsing improvements
 -  Minor fixes

Version 2.6.5    September 27 2023
 -  Basic Types View : type __time32_t, __time64_t and GUID added
 -  PE compare : fields offset are displayed
 -  Magic engine and database updated to 5.45
 -  Small GUI bug fixes

Version 2.6.4    April 22 2023
 -  Intel Hex saving: use of "Extended Linear Address" information when saving in 32 bits. Potential crash solved when saving in 8 bits
  - Crypto success message box optional through "ShowMessageBoxOnSuccess" option in ini file (no GUI)

Version 2.6.3    April 02 2023
 -  Added HASH : xxHash32, xxHash64, xxHash3_64, xxHash3_128, HAS-160, GOST12-256, GOST12-512, GOST94, GOST94 (CryptoPro), EDONR-224, EDONR-256, EDONR-384, EDONR-512
  - Small GUI improvements and bugs solved

Version 2.6.2    January 29 2023
  - Change File Time : drag and drop bug solved. Multiple files select added
  - PE resource viewer: added scrolling capabilities when displaying large resource dialogs or images

Version 2.6.1    January 14 2023
  - Added : ASCII table dialog
  - Stat are using document code page instead of user's code page
  - Small GUI improvements and bugs solved

Version 2.5.1    January 08 2023
  - Added : PE added support for event template resources (WEVT_TEMPLATE):
      Decoded event template structures are added to PE structs view
      Event Manifest generation from PE event template (you can use the generated manifest with the Microsoft Message Compiler MC.exe)
  - Hexa view can be zoom in/out with "Ctrl" + "+" and "Ctrl" + "-" ou "Ctrl" + mouse wheel
  - Crypto : Added many well-known CRC algorithms
  - Crypto : Added HASH algorithm Microsoft BinXml names
  - Document type identification : Update to allow support of new database keyword of file version 5.44 + Database update
  - Small GUI improvements and bugs solved

Version 2.4.4    October 27 2022
  - Crypto : Added HASH algorithm LSH-256-224, LSH-256-256, LSH-512-256, LSH-512-384, LSH-512-512
  - Document type identification : Update to allow support of new database keyword of file version 5.42 + Database update
  - Added : PE Search by custom resource name
  - Added : PE MUI information decoding
  - Small GUI bugs solved

Version 2.4.3    September 03 2022
  - Added : PE (Portable Executable) Rich header decoding
  - Added : Duplicate export finder
  - Added : Unwind info display for exported fonction
  - Bug Solved : Error in case of invalid regular expression could occur

Version 2.4.2    February 06 2022
 -  Added utf8 support for search, replace, insert and fill operations
 -  Enum size computation correction
 -  Use Number of Bytes per Line instead of number of columns to keep same width even in case of type size changing
 -  Listview bad rendering solved

Version 2.4.1    December 01 2021
 -  Multiple Documents Entropy Display: display entropy across documents or network packets content.
Useful to analyze unknown binary file headers or network protocols data (support of Wireshark packets capture files pcap and pcapng)
 -  Search and replace for multiple files at once
 -  Ansi Display: code page can be selected for single byte char display
 -  Crypto: Basic sums (8,16,32 and 64 bits) added to checksums tab
 -  Crypto: Can display key information from key files (RSA and Elliptic)
 -  Small bugs and memory leaks solved

Version 2.3.2    September 04 2021
  -  Windows explorer context menu fixes (single instance launched)

Version 2.3.1    July 20 2021
  -  Windows explorer context menu for those who can't register new shell extension COM component bug solved

Version 2.3.0    July 13 2021
  - Cryptography:
      Added : Multiple files input for the selected algorithm
      Added : Elliptic cryptography: ECDSA, ECGDSA, ECNR, ECIES, ed25519
      Added Hash : SHAKE-128 and SHAKE-256
      Added CRC32 : user custom polynom support
      Added Block Cipher : CHAM 64, CHAM 128, Hight, LEA, Simeck 32, Simeck 64
      Added Stream Cipher : ChaCha IETF, XChaCha20, Rabbit, HC-128, HC-256, Sosemanuk
  -  Magic database update
  - Added dll for windows explorer shell menu to handle more than 15 selected files at once
  -  Struct viewer : solved crash that could occur when validity of data was changing
  -  Struct parser : solved crash that could occur for bad enum declaration
  -  Small GUI bugs solved

Version 2.2.0    February 08 2021
  -  Added Hex Document or Hex Document parts identification through magic library
  -  Struct viewer : display relative offset for the selected field
  -  Copy as array : added export for the following languages C#, Basic, Pascal/Delphi, Javascript, Php, Perl, Python and Rust
  -  Disassembler improvement for function name resolution in Raw and RVA mode
  -  PE resource viewer : solved incorrect display of some bitmaps
  -  PE resource viewer : automatic identification of unknown resource type through magic library
  -  Small GUI bugs solved

Version 2.1.0    December 11 2020
  -  Added Bytes Distribution charts
  -  Added Entropy charts
  -  Disassembler improvement for function name resolution in Raw and RVA mode
  -  Speed improvement for huge search result display and removal
  -  Small GUI bugs solved

Version 2.0.0    November 15 2020
  -  Added PE analyzing capabilities for file and memory
        PE Struct Viewer
        Import Table Viewer
        Export Table Viewer
        Sections viewer and Addresses Convertor
        Resource Display and Extract
        Unwind Opcode Decoding
        PE header Compare
        PE Import / Export table Compare
        Specific PE Search
  -  Many Small bugs solved

Version 1.0.0    April 26 2019
Initial version.
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