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Helium Hex Editor is an advanced lightweight portable hexadecimal editor.
It allows to edit:
 -  Files
 -  Processes memory
 -  Kernel memory (virtual and physical)
 -  Disks and partitions
 -  S-Records and Intel Hex

It contains the following features:
 -  Multiple views of the same document allowing to display different parts of the document
 -  Basic Edition Operation (Cut, Copy, Paste, Insert, Fill, Undo, Redo)
 -  Backward and Forward Navigation
 -  Data operations
 -  Binary Compare
 -  Search and Replace
 -  String search
 -  Bookmarks
 -  Join
 -  Split
 -  Basic Types Display (in little and big endian)
 -  Structures Parser
 -  Bytes Distribution Display
 -  Entropy Display
 -  Multiple Documents Entropy Display: display entropy across documents or network packets content
 -  Cryptography
 -  Disassembly
 -  Ascii / Unicode Display

Helium Hex Editor contains also an advanced Portable Executable (PE) viewer supporting 32 bits and 64 bits binary including :
 -  Detailed PE struct display for: DOS Header, NT Headers, Optional Headers, Directories, Sections, Exception Table and Unwind Information, Secure Exception Handler (SEH), Control Flow Guard (CFG), resources
 -  Import Table Viewer
 -  Export Table Viewer
 -  Sections viewer and Addresses Convertor
 -  Resource Display and Extract
 -  Unwind Opcode Decoding

And some PE tools:
 -  PE Headers Compare
 -  PE Import Table / Export Table Compare
 -  Specific PE Search
Last Update  November 28 2023
Version  2.6.6
Download Software  Download Helium Hex Editor 64 bits 12.93 Mb
Download Software  Download Helium Hex Editor 32 bits 13.02 Mb
Compatibility  Windows (Xp, 7, 8, 10, 11)
Pro Single Computer Pro Portable
10 US$
49 US$
Notices :
- Updates are free until the next major release. That means if you buy a license for a 2.x.y version you will get free updates until the version 3.0.0 (version 3.0.0 excluded)

Differences between Free and Pro versions
Free Version Pro Version
Saving No Yes
Export No Yes
Cryptography No Yes
Disassembly No Yes
Join / Split No Yes
Structs support Yes Yes
Search and Replace / Search Strings Yes Yes
Data Operations Yes Yes
Binary Compare Yes Yes
PE Tools (PE Viewer,PE Compare,PE Search) Yes Yes
Bytes Distribution Yes Yes
Entropy Yes Yes

Language  C++
 Maintained / Improvements if required Improvement Request 
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Report new bug
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