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Content of project :
  - class_agent.cs : class for managing microsoft agents
  - class_language_and_tts_engine.cs : class used to show/retrive allowed languages and tts engine
  - class_main.cs : hart of software. Check dates, manage events and agent animations.
  - events_to_remind.cd : object for storing informations for events and reading/writing them to a config file.
  - welcome_messages.cd : object for storing informations for welcome messages and reading/writing them to a config file.
  - FormEventEdit.cs : code for window allowing to Add/Edit an event.
  - FormEventWarning.cs : the balloon window code showing at the event arrival and containing phone and email link.
  - class_options.cs : contains options and methode to read/write them from/to config file.
  - XML_access.cs : utility class to read/write xml files. Used to store configuration in xml file
  - XPStyle.cs : utility class for giving the XP style to windows.
  - FormMain.cs : code for main window.
  - Easy_task.dll : dll create microsoft schelduled tasks.
  - ShortCut.dll : dll to create shortcuts.
  - UtilityLibrary.dll : dll to make office like bar and put images in menus.
  - Balloon.NET.dll : dll to manage balloon windows.
  - EvtReminderITask.exe : When a scheldule task is created without password, if you are administrator, task is added as a system task, and in this case it use the workspace of the sytem. So the application is not visible. To solve this trouble, you have to use an application that launch the wanted process (Speaking event reminder application in our case) in the visible user workspace
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