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You'll find similar class and module name and functions as in Simple Reader for the speaking/agent part:
  - class_agent.cls : contains the used microsoft agent functions (showing, hiding, speaking, right click handlers)
  - class_ini_file.cls : class used for reading/writing options
  - class_options.cls : class used to store options
  - class_tts_engine.cls : class used to show/retrive allowed languages and tts engine
  - form_config.frm : the options window code
  - form_main.frm : the main window code
  - globals.bas : contains global objects
  - module_get_folder_name.bas : show and return the selected directory

And others specific for Internet Explorer event handlers :
  - class_doc_event.cls : a MSHTML.HTMLDocument object onmouseover event handler (Retrive onmouseover event for a unique web page)
  - class_col_doc_event.cls : collection of class_doc_event objects. (Can retrive onmoueover event for all web pages in the collection)
  - class_ie_event.cls : SHDocVw.InternetExplorer object event handler (BeforeNavigate,DocumentComplete,NewWindow,OnQuit). It's corrsponding to a unique IE window. Contains a class_col_doc_event object and handle its onmouseover events, because a unique Internet Explorer can contain more than one html document like frame pages.
  - class_col_ie_event.cls : collection of class_ie_event objects. Allow to handle multiple Internet Explorer windows/html documents onmouseover event.
  - class_internet_explorer.cls : contains a class_col_ie_event object. Like this all events of each document/IE window are centralized in this object and get the same handler. Check element names to be read and launch the agent speaking action.
  - form_webpage_options.frm: the webpage options window code.
  - class_internet_explorer_options.cls : options for the web page options window.

That's great but I'd like to use my own Browser using the WebBrowser control, How can I do ?
First add the classes class_doc_event and class_col_doc_event in your project. Don't forget to add a reference to MSHTML.TLB (Project, References, Browse, and select MSHTML.TLB which is located to the c:\windows\system32\ directory)
Next add the following in your form containing the WebBrowser control:
 - in declaration: Public WithEvents docs As class_col_doc_event
 - in Form_Load event : Set docs = New class_col_doc_event 'constructor of the class
 - in Form_Unload event : Set docs = Nothing ' destructor
 - and at least the following code where WebBrowser1 is the WebBrowser control object putted on your form:
Private Sub WebBrowser1_BeforeNavigate2(ByVal pDisp As Object, _
    ByRef URL As Variant, _
    ByRef Flags As Variant, _
    ByRef TargetFrameName As Variant, _
    ByRef PostData As Variant, _
    ByRef Headers As Variant, _
    ByRef Cancel As Boolean)
    On Error Resume Next
End Sub

Private Sub WebBrowser1_DocumentComplete(ByVal pDisp As Object, ByRef URL As Variant)
    On Error Resume Next
    If pDisp.Document Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
    If pDisp.Document.body.nodeName <> "FRAMESET" Then 'event seems not be thrown if we let the frameset document
        docs.add pDisp.Document
'    Debug.Print "frameset"'for debuging
    End If

        If pDisp Is iee.ie Then 'the entire page is loaded (all frames as been loaded) there's one panel display for each frame
'Debug.Print "Document is ready"'for debuging
' next is a sample of use (if obj_agent and ie_options are initialized of course)
'            obj_agent.obj_char_ex.Stop 'used in case of looping animations for waiting
'            obj_agent.Play waiting_animation_return
'            If ie_options.auto_read_when_doc_completed Then
'                obj_agent.Speak docs.get_inner_text()
'            End If
        End If
End Sub

Private Sub docs_onmouseover(objHTMLDocument As MSHTML.HTMLDocument)
    On Error Resume Next
    Dim tag_name As String
    Dim text     As String
    tag_name = UCase$(objHTMLDocument.parentWindow.event.srcElement.tagName)
'Debug.Print tag_name 'for debuging
'    Select Case tag_name
     ' ....
'    End Select
    text = objHTMLDocument.parentWindow.event.srcElement.innerText
    If text <> "" Then
' Debug.Print text 'for debuging
' sample of use (if obj_agent and ie_options are initialized of course)
'        'stop reading only if wanted and there's something to say
'        If ie_options.stop_agent_action_when_new_event Then
'            obj_agent.obj_char_ex.Stop
'        End If
'        obj_agent.Speak text
    End If
End Sub	
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